Album and Photo Presentation Gallery



The House of Elly Mac specializes in tissue paper albums and photographic storage options that are different, artistic, pretty and wonderful to look at.

We are all about the print, which is more important than ever in this digital age. We present your images the way galleries and museums showcase and archive their photographic collections.

It took me forever to find an album that I absolutely fell in love with.  I was not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I would know it when I saw it.  I could tell you sans doute what I absolutely did not want in an album and here we go:

I didn’t want anything that looked to ‘wedding like’, nothing that made me cringe, nothing that involved faux leather and cheap fabrics. I didn’t want to offer an album that everyone else offers.  I didn’t want to offer only digital albums, I didn’t want to offer an album simply because it was eco friendly, although I understand the importance of this.  I didn’t want to buy British if it meant a reduction in quality and I could not get exactly what I am sure my clients would love .

My brief for an album supplier was simple, I wanted something that was classic, timeless, sophisticated, artistic, pretty, not gimmicky and without cheese.  I wanted something like my Nana’s wedding album from the 1920s and my mothers from the 1960s, I wanted enduring, I wanted to be able to touch and feel actual photographs, I wanted to be able to match an album to the clients photos not shoot a wedding with an album in mind and then I found a wonderful artist who got what I wanted.