The Best Headphones to Buy in 2018 for Under $50

It seems quite difficult at times when you look around to choose an earphone for yourselves. Together with your preferences the safety and quality matters and above all the price which suit your pocket is very important. Looking all these aspects we have brought to you some of the great picks of Top Earbuds under 50.

Phiaton MS 100 BA phone

Phiaton is a superb sounding balanced fine designed in-earbuds under 50. This is super elaborate and accurate earbud. It doesn't have any fault bass which is common in most different in-ears phones within this range.If you are looking for a clean, crisp sound; you would surely going to love these pieces for years. So much detail is usually seen in high-priced earbuds. Bass will never sound overwhelming even with accurate and higher sound effects. You will get also a one-button controller and mike to attend phone calls You can manage your track by pressing the button to forward/back your playlist.

The Etymotic Ety Kids EK-3

The Etymotic Ety Kids EK-3 as the name suggests is specially designed for kids and are quite safe to your ears. However, it doesn't mean that only kids can use this extraordinary piece. Even it is a great choice for top earbuds under 50. Apart from safety, this piece has great sound output. It's superior and clear sound comes out without any grainy voice or distortion. This is a perfect pick of earphones under 50 for those who are quite sensitive to loud sounds.It's got a built-in 'volume limited' style. the stiff resistivity of 300 Ohm assures you a low, and safe volume levels for whatever be the player source. It does have inclusions of player control for iPhone or iPad together with a smartphone mic.


The iM-590 is the  Maximo 5-Series earbuds which are a great inclusion among the best earbuds under 50.This is an iMetal Isolation Earphones for iPod; MP3, and the IP-HS5 also for Blackberry and other smartphones. It has the enhanced definition audio which enables you to get a new level of sound delivery with treble and midrange clarity. Together it does maintain a deep and solid bass response. The newly designed ear tips make this more efficient to produce higher comfort, restrict any surrounding sounds coming from outside. You will find the cables quite durable and minimal tangling. All these make it a user-friendly accessory for your ear within 50. A good buy for high performance with your comfort and style.

Sony MDR-XB300 Extra Bass

Sony MDR XB300 is a fair buy in the category of earbuds under 50. Surely, you are going to experience bass like never before as it has the Extra Bass effect. The earbuds are designed to reproduce ultra-low frequencies. So their delivery will always be deep yet hard-hitting bass from 30mm drivers. Tthe powerful 30mm diaphragm driver offers you a high level of sound isolation. Enjoy the extra bass feature of the device at such a low price.