Best Laptop for Students 2018: 9 great-value laptops for back-to-school

Laptops have been selling widely and consistently demanded in every field. Business, colleges, universities, as well as even hospitals, require the use of laptops. However, laptops carry a great use it is considered to be the prior liability in every field. If we talk about the college laptops, it has been found out that the laptops required in colleges should be working and long-lasting battery life. The college laptops are of different processor and hold a bit lighter features than the laptops required in business. You can simply visit any of the online stores to buy out the best laptops for college, which can be of the best brand and at affordable ranges.

Top best-rated laptops of 2018

The college laptops are widely selling laptops in the recent years and have been selling in every range. The best laptops for college are widely available in the market with great features as well as the best affordable rates. Here are few of the best selling laptops and of best ranges:
  • Dell XPS 13
Dell has been regarded as the best selling college laptops for the students and has been consistently been in demand in the market. It is a solid machine with the most powerful 7th generation i5 processor along with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. It offers the high HD resolution along with 13-inch display giving the best view of the notes and graphs. It is the laptop developed mainly for science students.
  • APPLE MacBook Pro 13 inch
The MacBook Pro has been designed mainly for the art and design students and is considered to be of the great importance. The laptop has been developed with 6th generation core i5 CPU with Intel Iris graphics and holds various editing as well as Photoshop features which are quite helpful for the students of arts and designing.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
Lenovo ThinkPad is another widely selling range of college laptops for the business students. It holds higher enhanced qualities, which are required by the business students. The laptop features the 14-inch screen with 2k display and is based on the 7th Generation core powered ultrabook.
  • APPLE MacBook Pro 15 inch
After the college laptop range of 13-inch APPLE, it has come up with another new range of laptop which is of 15-inch pro and also is a widely selling laptop. It has been designed for the film and animation students and is based on 6th generation core CPU.
  • Microsoft Surface Book
It has been designed for the medical students, which feature the detachable screen, which can also be converted into the tablets. It has a 13.5-inch display with 12 hours battery backup. It is best and widest range of laptop and can be easily carried on to your lap. Hence, above mentioned are few of the widest range of laptops and contains the greater use. They are available at best range which can easily fit your budget.