Are you a full time photographer?

YESSSSS!!!!!!! Absolutely, overwhelmingly addicted to photography so it does not leave room for anything else.  We are a team of documentary wedding photographers, lead by principle photography Elly.

We want to send thank you cards, when can we have the photos?

Photos will be ready within 12 weeks (on average 6 weeks) of the date of your wedding.

Do we get a contract?

Our terms and conditions are clearly stated on the website, if you would like to sign a copy of these you can but it is assumed by booking with the House of Elly Mac Photos you agree to our T&C’s.  They are listed under the collections section.

Are you insured? 

Yes, Elly Mac Photos has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity coverage with Aaduki insurance, a certificate of insurance can be provided to your venue up request.  An occupational health and safety mission statement and plan can also be provided upon request of the venue.

What’s your preferred method contact?

Email is the best as we are often out and about, we normally respond within 24-48 hours.

What is the Elly Mac Photos photographic style?

The Elly Mac Photos  wedding photography  style is documentary and editorial in style and we are all about meshing elements of traditional wedding photography with documentary shooting and a hint of the  whimsical. Contemporary with an artistic flair. Whilst we can do staged group shots, they tend to be quick in nature with a preference towards the fun staged shots not the traditional style.

Do you do group shots?

Only when provoked.  We do fun quirky very relaxed quick group shots (that’s if you want them, and if you do want them, you must mention this on the booking form but in the spirit of keeping with the flow of your day, its our practice, that when group shots are requested, is limited to Bridal party and parents only.) but I do not do stuffy old fashioned staged group shots and do not believe in taking 5 minutes to set up a group shot.

Can we give you a list on the day?

We am more than happy to discuss want you want on your day prior to your day but find rigid lists a contradiction to my free spirited approach to wedding photography, my style works because its unobtrusive and not stage managed.  More than happy to work with you to achieve your photographic story but lists just put me over the edge:-P  Occasionally short lists are OK, but long lists of extensive shots are not the best approach to get the best out of your wedding narrative.  If a guest/s approaches me on the day  armed with list they will get a polite thanks but no thanks, sorry its just the Elly Mac Photos style.

Are the hours continuous?

Yes, the hours start from the time I arrive and include any travel time between sites.  I don’t photograph people eating during the main meal however still work and photograph so the hours can not be stopped and started,  any questions just ask.

Will I be charged for extra hours?

The simple answer to this is yes, If you want the Elly Mac Photos team to stay longer on the day whether by design or by accident due to schedule conflicts or overruns , additional hours are charged at £225 per hour.  I shoot documentary style, so one hours photographing is worth about 3 hours additional work. You can either pay on the day or I will invoice you after the wedding.

Can we have a second photographer at the wedding?

Yes, if you want one, just ask but there is an additional fee for this, just ask

What happens if the weather is questionable?

There will be plenty of time prior to the wedding to make arrangements in case of bad weather.  Fun times can be hand when the weather is not great but that’s my role to worry about this not yours.  Its Europe, it happens

Will I own the copyright to the images?

No, however when you buy or are given the disc of images I will assign you the rights to reproduce the images, this can be complicated but I am more than happy to explain during our consultation.

I’ve promised my suppliers (venue, make up artist, florists ect) the images to use on their website, is this OK?

No I am afraid It is prohibited to allow suppliers and third parties to use the images without the expressed written consent of Elly Mac Photos and a payment of the appropriate fee as determined by Elly Mac Photos. Clients who permit their wedding suppliers to use Elly Mac Photos images without proper authority will be issued with a breach of copyright notice and required to pay compensation per image used. The supplier will also be issued with a breach of copyright notice and required to pay compensation per image used.

Do you do international weddings?

mmmm let me think about that Absolutely YES!  In 2013 I am off to Italy, Sicily, France, Southern Ireland, Dubai, New York, Australia and the Caribbean.

Do I get a disc of images with the wedding package?

Yes you do, just perfect for sharing the love on social media but our packages are all different, so drop us an email for more information.

We want to send thank you cards, when can we have the photos?

Photos will be ready within 12 weeks of the date of your wedding, if you would like them within 2 weeks of the date of your wedding then you need to pay an express service fee.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Over 230

Can I give the photos to the venue to use in their promotional material?
No, I am afraid. The  photos can not be used for commercial purposes, and any venue using Elly Mac Photos images without the appropriate payment and consent will be liable for breach of copyright.

Can we do a venue walk through?

Of course but a venue walk through and a pre wedding consultation occuring outside of London will incur a £60 fee for each and is subject to the Elly Mac Photos availability. It is up to the clients to arrange this.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Elly,

    My name is Tori and I am getting married on the 06.05.2012. Are yuo free on this date ?

    Is the price of the disc of images and the right to reproduce them, included in the package price?


    • Hello Tori,

      I am available on this date, and to answer your questions the price of the disc is included in the wedding packages (so no extra cost) and you are given a Royalty Free License that allows you to print the photos yourself or share them with loved ones and friends by email or on the internet. You are also given access to an online gallery that you can share with loved ones across the world, but you are under no obligation to buy from the gallery as you will have the disc of images anyway.

      Hope this helps, and I will update my FAQ to explain this to everyone.

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