About the House

I absolutely adore the old vintage flick books (flipbooks), the illusion of images coming to life as they are flicked through is hypnotic to me and that’s how documentary wedding photography should be.  A beautiful series of images that when looked through bring your wedding to life,  animate it and flow it with movement.

flip·book [flip-book] noun

a small book consisting of a series of images in different positions that create the illusion
of flowing  movement when the thumb is placed so the pages flip quickly.
I am in love with the photographic print, even more so in this digital age, a photograph should be something that you can touch and feel, a tangible treasure that demands to be presented lovingly. Elly Mac Photos sells and creates timeless unique presentation option to present your images that pay homage to photographic artistry and the glory days of vintage photographers.

The ethos behind Elly Mac Photos

The House of Elly Mac Photos creates avant garde wedding and portrait photography.

The House of Elly Mac is ideal for couples who understand the importance of wedding photography but who do not want their wedding photographs to look like wedding photographs.

We are unapologetically different and relaxed. We refuse to follow a wedding script; we’d rather create beautiful stunning images from ideas not boring lists.

We work with you under limited direction; we are purists when it comes to editorial wedding photography and only do group shots when provoked.

We are ideal for couples wanting unique, sophisticated and chilled out wedding photography. Its creative, free spirited and at times quirky, humorous with an arty edge!

We don’t photograph because we love love, we photograph because we love photography.  Its about creating a visionary photographic narrative based on my belief that no one photo is more important than the other but together they must tell a story.

We only offer albums and photographic storage options that are different, pretty and wonderful to look at.  We hate the wedding establishment and only offer you items that we love.



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